Iceberg Salad Center Launches “Small Farmers” Project

The Iceberg Salad Center, as the leader on the domestic market in the production and packaging of salads, vegetables and fruits has launched the “Small Farmers” project.

The aim of the project is to familiarize children with the process of growing vegetables and fruit in order to motivate them to eat healthily from the youngest age and to acquire healthy habits.

The project involves organized visits to the company by children aged 4-10. In the first part of the visit, children will be accompanied by company agronomists in visiting the fields where they can see how lettuce and other vegetables are grown in open fields and in greenhouses.

After that the children will be visiting specially fenced gardens, where they will grow vegetables assisted by the agronomists the junior heroes of the Iceberg Salad Center Jabučilo and Šargareposlav.

As the company is located in Surčin, the first visits will be organized for the children from Belgrade kindergartens and schools in the spring and summer of 2017. So-called “open door” activities are planned for a later stage, in the course of which parents will be able to come with their children on weekends to visit the fields and plant vegetables.

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